Doctor reveals how to get rid of that song stuck in your head - chewing gum!

Have you ever had that one song that just plays on loop in your head? There are always those songs that get stuck on repeat, and it becomes even more frustrating when you can’t even remember what the song is. You’re not alone – did you know this affects up to 92% of adults? Well fear not, there is a Doctor recommended solution to your problem, chewing gum! 

Yes, that’s right, chewing gum can help get rid of that pesky song. Australian Doctor, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki who has degrees in medicine and biomedical engineering explained that the reason behind it is down to the brain’s biology.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Credit: @doctor_karl | Instagram

"For some unknown reason the same pathways in your brain that are used for programming your repeated jaw movement are also used for replaying music in your mind. It's just a coincidence." 

Believe it or not, there are characteristics to songs that can specifically get stuck in your head. These include songs that are faster than regular song with a certain level of repetition or perhaps more unusual elements.

There you have it, chewing gum is the answer to cleansing your mind from any song. So next time you want to get that song out of your head make sure you’re chewing the right thing, with Nopla