Got chewing gum stuck on your clothes? Discover the top way to get gum out of your clothes.

We all know that pain of realising you’ve got chewing gum on your clothes. But never fear! We are exploring those well-known ways of getting gum out of your clothes (although we hope it never happens!

  1. Steam it off!

Now, the most important thing here is to be careful. One recommended way of getting chewing gum out of your clothes is by blasting the affecting area with hot steam. This could be done using a kettle or a steamer.

  1. Freeze

We’ve all heard of this method. Put your affected item in to a bag and then place it in the freezer for at least an hour. Once the gum has hardened, you can then try scraping it off with a knife.

  1. Toothbrush and fairy liquid/wash using stain remover

Stick a bit of fairy liquid or washing liquid on to a toothbrush and give that gum a rub, it should help break down the fibres and then remove the gum. You can then use some stain remover once you chuck the item in the washing machine. 

  1. Using an iron

Lay your item gum side down on a piece of cardboard. Gently rub the iron over the opposite side of the item but make sure you don’t melt the gum! Then try and pull the carboard away and the gum should remove itself. If it doesn’t, try warming it up a bit longer!


Please note, that although as we outline we sincerely hope you never get gum on your clothes, we also can guarantee that these methods will be 100% successful.