How you can be a part of the Plastic free July revolution (and not just in July!)

This Plastic-free July we want to encourage you to go plastic-free, but not just for July!

What exactly is Plastic-free July?

An initiative set up by the Plastic-free Foundation back in 2011, the aim is to encourage people to join the movement which encourages people to help be a part of the solution for clear oceans, streets and keep our communities thriving!

Small switches to sustainable products can make an impact, and if everyone makes those small switches, the impact can be even bigger. 

For example, did you know that regular gum contains plastic? We surveyed 2,000 respondents and 75% of those didn't even know that regular gum contains plastic, the sort of plastic you would find in car tires. How many people do you think grab a pack of chewing gum whilst they're at the checkout? A lot we bet! More than likely that pack of gum will contain plastic. It decisions like that, that you might make without really thinking about it, that can make a difference. Not picking up that pack of gum and getting one, like Nopla, which contains absolutely no plastic, makes such a difference. 

There are many switches you can make in your daily life, even with things you wouldn't think twice about using. For example, that shower gel you like you may buy once or twice a month, still comes in a single-use plastic bottle. You could switch to a regular bar of soap (and there are so many amazing options these days) as a cut back on single-use plastic. There are so many more ideas on the Plastic Free July website, check them out here.

BUT, it's not just at home you can make a difference! It's in your communities, schools and at work. 

Like the sound of this but not quite sure where to start? Head over to Plastic-free July's resource page and you can find plenty of information of how you can make a difference. 

Check out the Plastic-free July 2020 impact report to check out the difference the Plastic-free Foundation makes.