Our 'Must Know' Chewing Gum Facts

  1. There are 13 types of gum http://www.chewinggumfacts.com/chewing-gum-facts/chewing-gums-types/
  2. Chewing gum and bubble gum really are different. Typically, both are made of plastic, however a number of extra polymers and starches are added to bubble gum to make it stretchier. Natural gums like Nopla have a chewing gum-like texture.
  3. When you swallow regular gum, it usually passes through your system for a day or two not seven years! http://www.chewinggumfacts.com/chewing-gum-facts/swallowing-gum/
  4. Chewing gum has been banned in Singapore since 1992 because of the amount of litter it creates on the streets http://www.chewinggumfacts.com/chewing-gum-facts/chewing-gum-in-singapore/
  5. Chewing gum has lots of benefits – it can help improve memory, reduce symptoms of stress, improve digestion, improve oral health and keep you alert http://www.chewinggumfacts.com/chewing-gum-benefits/health-benefits-of-gum-chewing/
  6. Chewing gum is the world’s most common habit dating back to over 9000 years.
  7. Today, almost 35% of plastic-based chewing gum is produced by Wrigley’s.
  8. Every year, over 380 trillion gum sticks are made
  9. The chewing gum industry is worth over $19 billion or £14 billion.
  10. If each piece of gum in chewed for 30 minutes, we’ll spend 187 billion hours chewing gum each year.
  11. After cigarette butts, gum most littered item in the world.
  12. Over 1 million metric tons of gum is produced every year
  13. Every piece of gum costs $0.13 or 0.10p to clean off of the street