We're plant lovers - are you?

It’s fair to say that you regular chewing gum has a bad rep. From littering the pavements to the gross ingredients that is included, many people have become more aware of this and have been making the switch to a greener gum. There are so many natural and delicious ingredients in the world, so why not use them, not only for the health benefits, but for the environmental benefits.

In a survey we held (2019) we found out that 3 in 5 respondents (around 60% of those surveyed) were more likely to purchase a food product if it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly.

What makes us green?

Our ingredients

All our ingredients are ethically sourced and are 100% plant based. We didn’t want to include any yucky ingredients (i.e. plastic) like those major gum manufacturers do (not naming any names)… Not only are our ingredients plant based, but they’re sustainable so that we can look after our environment, as that is at the heart of what we do.

Our packaging

We pride ourselves on the fact that our gum itself is biodegradable and the packaging it comes in from our gum boxes to the postal boxes our gum makes its way to you in are all 100% recyclable. Really!

Our passion

At Nopla we are passionate to protecting the environment and our oceans. That’s why we made sure our gum and our packaging is 100% environmentally friendly. We put you and the environment at the heart of what we do.