What are the benefits of Nopla plastic-free chewing gum?

Have you heard? Not all gum is plastic-free! That’s right, most of the regular gums you chew daily actually contain plastic. That’s why most gum sticks to the street, under desks, you name it… forever! Regular chewing gum contains plastic, the sort of plastic you’d find in car tyres, for example. Pretty gross. Plastic-free gum like Nopla and one of the many benefits is that it is biodegradable!

That’s why we decided to create our gum that was better for you and the environment but with the same taste and effect as the regular gum you're used to.

Say yes to sustainability

Plastic-free chewing gum is actually sustainable in comparison to regular gum, which if you toss aside will stick around on our pavements and in our oceans forever. Did you know that councils can spend over £60,000,000 a year on removing gum off our pavements? Plastic-free gum, such as Nopla, uses plant-bade ingredients, such a chicle, a natural tree sap which forms the gum base, which means that the gum can biodegrade and won't stick around forever!

Plant-based ingredients

Nopla gum contains just 6 ingredients:

  1. Chicle - our natural gum base
  2. Xylitol - a natural sweetener
  3. Natural essential oils (Eucalyptus, Peppermint or Spearmint)
  4. Gum Arabic - a thickening agent
  5. Sunflower lethicin - a natural softener deriving from Sunflowers
  6. Carnauba Wax - for the crunchy coating

There's nothing unnatural about our gum, and that's why it's biodegradable (and vegan friendly!)

Sugar-free, Aspartame free only

Our gum doesn’t contain any sugar – only Xylitol, a plant based sweetener. Xylitol has many health benefits and is able to kill up to 90% of bacteria, helps reduce plaque build up and is much better for your teeth, which is why dentists recommend it!

Recyclable from top to bottom

It’s not just the gum we need to think about, it’s what it comes in! From our gum packs to our postal boxes, all of our packaging is completely and 100% recyclable.