What happens if you swallow gum? Is it digestible?

Picture it, you swallow piece of gum today, then fast-forward 7 years, covid-19 is a distant memory, were on season 30 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Joe Biden is in his second term of presidency, and we feel peaceful. Surprise! That piece of gum is still there.  

We all know that infamous myth surrounding chewing gum, a myth that is as sticky as your regular gum, that “if you swallow that piece of gum it’ll stay inside you for 7 years”. If you were to swallow that piece of gum now, come 2028 it will then, and only then decide to part ways from your body.

I mean, it was an effective myth, the panic we would feel when we were kids chomping away, stood on the street corner when you suddenly inhale and swallow your gum.  

But do not fear, just like Donald Trump, it will not stick around for long. Although your body will not digest it, it will stay intact as it passes its way through your body until it leaves naturally (you can guess how). 

Natural ingredients, such as the ones we use in our gum like essential oils, xylitol and softeners such as vegetable oils can be broken down by the stomach, but the one the presents a problem is that icky ‘gum base’ (which contains plastic), which is tough enough to not be broken down and digested 

Yes, this fact still shocks us too.