FAQs: Questions and Answers

Q. How is Nopla gum different from regular gum?

Most regular gum is made using lots of unnatural, synthetic ingredients like sorbitol and aspartame. Standard gum also has a plastic base containing some of the common plastics found in products like plastic bottles. Not only is our gum completely plastic-free, it’s made using only natural ingredients which means it’s good for you and the environment.

Q. Does Nopla gum contain sugar?

Our gum is sugar-free and sweetened with Xylitol which is a natural sweetener.

Q. Will Nopla gum freshen breath?

We don’t think you should compromise on flavour to have an honest piece of gum so our long-lasting Peppermint, Spearmint and Eucalyptus flavours will mask any food odours and leave your breath feeling fresh.

Q. How were the gum ingredients chosen?

To make sure we use only the best ingredients, we’ve personally selected each of our suppliers based on their high quality and exceptional standards which is why our gum tastes so great!

Q. What are the benefits of the xylitol in Nopla gum?

 Xylitol is a sugar substitute; although it tastes very similar to sugar it has fewer calories and helps reduce the risk of plaque and tooth decay. We also love that Xylitol is naturally derived from beech trees and is sustainably sourced making it right at home in our gum.

Q. What countries is Nopla gum available in?

Our gum is currently available in the UK, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Sign up to our get our emails for more information on where you can buy our gum in store.

Q. What is the gum base made of if it’s plastic-free?

We use Chicle for our gum base. Chicle is tree sap sourced in the Mexican rainforest. The use of chicle makes our gum 100% biodegradable.

Q. Is Nopla gum suitable for Vegans?

Yes, our gum is suitable for vegans.

Q. What makes Nopla gum all natural?

Each one of our gum ingredients is naturally sourced, making it all natural as well as all tasty!